I am here to help

Benedicta Reddington

Bsc(Hons) MCoun MBACP ACTO Certificated

Are you feeling so overwhelmed and out of control of your life that you just don’t know where to start? Perhaps you have never spoken about these sentiments to anyone; and maybe they seem to be too difficult to confront. Are your concerns so complex that you can’t quite formulate them and they won’t resolve themselves no matter how hard you try?

This hesitancy combined with uncertainty is something I encounter all the time in areas encompassing (but not limited to) struggles with addiction; bereavement; body image; suicidal thoughts; low self-esteem; sexual identity; challenges at work or at home; high anxiety; financial issues; exam stress; and relationship problems.

Even though you might think you are, you are not alone: and you will probably be amazed to discover how many people of varying ages, colours, creeds and genders share your experiences. Working together, we can explore your innermost concerns: and you will be better placed to address them.

You needn’t lie awake at night worrying any longer than you have to. Together, we can examine the obstacles preventing you from living the life you would like as we identify the steps you might take to overcome them.

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